May 14, 2012

And once again... I suck ass. Seriously, how hard is it to log in once and awhile and Blog? To be honest, I haven't posted much online at all lately. Facebook gets a status update maybe once a week... usually from my cell phone. Twitter, nah. Even my beloved PR message board I post maybe a few quick things a week. I have been busy busy busy and  have put the kids (and myself!!) on a technology "diet".  With the big to dos coming up for our family I figured I would probably be on here more often... of course with me it could be less often, who knows!! 

The coming year brings a lot of changes for our family. Riley is moving out in a few weeks and starting BSU in the Fall. Taylor is doing 10 million things (as always!) and is looking forward to starting high school next year. The boys and I are going to be homeschooling. HUGE decision that involved a lot of research and soul searching to come to but in the end we feel like it is the best decision for them and we are very excited to get started!! I will post more on the thought process and on our progress as we jump into it.

We have also set up a Blog for the kids to use, it should be lots of fun!

November 7, 2011

Maxie, You're My Best Friend

So last night when we were headed to bed and Max was trying, as usual, to worm his way into my bed "for a quick snuggle" he told me we were "best friends forever".  Some days his closeness to me is exhausting but having such a sweet little BFF sure makes up for it! If only it were true... I'm hoping boys don't go through that "I hate mom" phase teenage girls are so fond of. And of course, if he could skip growing up and getting married that would be great too. For now I'm trying to remember to hold on these sweet little boy times, I know how fast they fly by! Trying to take time and give him that quick snuggle when I just want to go to bed can be harder than it should be, especially after spending all day every day with him (usually wrapped around my body in some way, literally!) I know I'll miss it when it's gone. Even though there will come a time (sooner than later!) when video games and even yucky girls trump mom, Maxie will always be my best friend forever.

October 29, 2011

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Time flies when you're having fun... and raising a family!!

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I've updated my blog!! I keep telling myself I'm gonna spend more time here and then.... shit happens. Life gets in the way, as it is wont to do. So, since I AM gonna spend more time here I'll give everyone the quick update on life as we know it.

Summer was busy and fun! We spent a lot of time at the pool... here at the neighborhood and at the YMCA. Ben did several rounds of swimming lessons, he's a little fish! Max refused lessons because the other kids were "babies who couldn't even hold guns." Hey, shit could go down at the Y at ANY time. You have to be prepared and know who's got your back!!

School is back in full swing. Cole is loving life as top of the elementary food chain (6th grade) he gets text messages from girls all the time (OMG so cute!!!) but is too into video games and hanging on to the last bastians of kid-dom to pay attention to any of that.
Benji is happy go lucky, as usual. He is doing well in school this year with reading and his handwriting being his tough spots. We're trying to work at home more but getting that kid to sit still can be tough! We're trying to work on some ideas to help him be more focused and successful.
Taylor loves school this year. Also top of the school (9th grade) she's on the Varsity Volleyball team, head editor of the Yearbook, getting ready to start driver's training, and still pulling all A's and B's. And at home she literally walks in traffic. (yes, that happened a few weeks ago in the grocery store parking lot) I have never met a person who so fully embodies their astrological sign. That little Gemini is 2 people for sure!!
Riley has 2 more credits to finish before graduation... should take her another 7 or 8 weeks. Wowzers. Then she is planning on moving out ASAP and wants to attend BSU next year.
Max on the other hand dropped out of preschool. Ok, his teacher did tell us he is "gifted" and already knows everything he needs for Kindergarten. He just seriously hated it so much and was working himself up to near panic attack level at night when he had to go to school the next day. Poor thing. So he's now "homeschooling"... a topic that could play a big part in our future! ;)

Hope everyone else's lives are as full and blessed as ours are these days!!

June 22, 2011


I finally did it! I've been wanting a tattoo forever. I've been thinking about it for about 10 years or so. The last few years I got serious about it.  My first tattoo is my grandfather's signature and "love you" in his handwriting. I love it. To me it isn't just a reminder of him but a reminder to myself to live my life with fewer regrets. When he passed away I had so many regrets... I wish I had said a proper goodbye. I wish I had thanked him for always being there for me. I wish I had spent more time with him. I regret every single time I passed on a game night invitation or drove by without stopping in just to say hi. I wish I had one last time to give him a hug and hear him say, "Hey Martsarelli".  I miss him, and I miss the moments I didn't have with him. I am trying so hard to make sure I spend more time with the people I love and to let them know how much they mean to me.

I love you Poppy and we all miss you every day.
On the lighter side, now that I've gotten over the fear of the unknown I can't wait to get another tattoo!

June 8, 2011

I just realized I suck!!

I was looking at the "things I've crossed off" section and realized just how many of these new hobbies and things I've tried I am just genuinely bad at. Awww, poor me!! Maybe someday I'll find a hobby I'm good at... besides reading and makin' babies!! ;)

It's fun to play at the Y.M.C.A!!

We have been toying with the idea of a family membership to the Y for a long time. We finally bit the bullet last week and are so glad we did!! Besides getting a great member discount on the swimming lessons, volleyball/BBall camps, and other activities we were planning on doing this Summer (roughly 50%!) they have SO much to do!! Our new house is only about a 5 minute drive (one of our reasons for holding out before... distance!) They have 4 swimming pools including a toddler area, lap pools, and super fun water slide. The boys are in hog heaven!! I'm pretty sure Benji is part fish, he has already decided he's going to take all the swimming lesson "levels" so he can jump off the high dive. Oh dear! Their lessons start on Tuesday and they are SO excited!! The girls have been having fun using the equipment and are taking their first spinning class this week. Taylor and I are trying Zumba this weekend (Yikes!) Cole and Ben are dying to try the rock climbing wall, and they even have tons of preschool programs and activities for Max to do this Fall when his playmates (aka brothers!) return to school. The Y has really saved my bacon this week since the boys sampled the neighborhood pool last week they've been clamoring to go non-stop... the weather has NOT been good enough for Mama to get in that cold water so we just jump in the car and hit the Y! The best part is I can get them to do all their chores lickety split first!! Yay!!

June 3, 2011

It is better to give than to receive!!

In celebration of Summer (and my latest hoorah as Guest Blogger!) Go-Go Babyz is giving away one of their sweet Travelmates!! Perfect for Summer vacations with the rugrats!! :biggrin: You can choose between their original gogo kidz Travelmate or their new, totally awesome Infant Cruiser AT. Yay!! :biggrin:
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In addition to that sweetness I will be giving away a BeQuick in Fuchsia Blossoms (go Bradley Cooper! :wink: ) to beautifully handle all your goods on the go this Summer!! :D

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May 31, 2011

Keep your kids safe at the pool!

This was a really (scary!) but great article on the signs of drowning. It was completely new information to me and I am so glad I read it before spending the Summer at the pool! You can bet I will have all big kids, grandparents, etc. read this before hitting the pool with the kids. I love how much fun we have in the water but I admit the fear of drowning is always with me! The thought of losing a child in such a senseless way, doing something that was supposed to be fun.... it's just awful. Please read and share and have a fun and safe Summer!

May 28, 2011

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!

Mother Nature is a cruel bitch this year.  After a LONG cold winter that refused to die we thought Spring had come at last (just in time for SUMMER!). A few days of sunshine and weather in the 70's had us all wearing shorts and getting some much needed vitamin-D. Now we're on day 4 of unending rain, wind, and COLD! Maybe she has PMS. Can someone throw her some Midol and a chocolate bar so we can get this show on the road??!!

On the plus side, the fishing in the stream out back has been fantastic lately! The kids barely have to throw a worm out when they've got a fish on. It is so much fun to watch the whole family out there fishing after dinner (on a weeknight!) No planning, packing, and driving! And in case you caught that "watching"... yes, they fish while Mama reads. Ahhh, the good life!! :)